10 Best Augmented Reality Shopping Apps

In the past, augmented reality experiences were not available to everyday consumers. But that’s all changed as a result of developer tools such as Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, which have made it easier than ever before to develop augmented reality apps for Android and iOS devices. Thanks to these tools, there are countless augmented reality apps available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

There are a wide range of augmented reality apps, including games, maps, puzzles, and educational tools. However, many augmented reality apps are designed to make shopping online easier for consumers. Here are the 10 best augmented reality shopping apps:

Augmented Reality Shopping

IKEA Place

IKEA was one of the first retailers to launch an augmented reality shopping app. The app, IKEA Place, simplifies the process of shopping for furniture and home decor online. 

How does it work? Say you are shopping for a new IKEA sofa for your living room. Use the IKEA Place app to browse the retailer’s extensive inventory. If you find a sofa you like, tap on it to launch the augmented reality feature, which will use your smartphone’s camera to scan your living room. Then, the app will project a three-dimensional, true-to-scale digital model of the selected sofa onto your real world environment. 

This gives you a chance to see whether the sofa will fit in your living room and how it will look with the rest of your furniture. You won’t need to worry about whether you measured the space correctly or chose the right color to complement your decor. Now you can see exactly what every piece of furniture or home decor item will look like in your home before you decide what to purchase.


Zeekit is an augmented reality app that allows consumers to see what clothing items will look like on their bodies while shopping online. In other words, Zeekit allows consumers to virtually try on clothing items using their smartphone or tablet. 

There are two ways to use this app. If you want to see how specific clothing items will look on your body, you can upload a photo of yourself to the app. Then, the app will use augmented reality technology to project the clothing onto your body in the photo. If you don’t want to upload a photo of yourself, you have the option of seeing how clothing will look like on a fit model with your exact measurements instead. 

A number of clothing retailers, including Zara, Rebecca Minkoff, and Amazon, have all used Zeekit to make online shopping easier for consumers. 


Before augmented reality, shopping online for cosmetics was challenging. But now, consumers can shop online for cosmetics with confidence using augmented reality tools such as Sephora’s Virtual Artist app.  

How does it work? If a shopper sees a cosmetic item they like, they can tap on “Try This Shade” to launch the Virtual Artist in-app feature. This will automatically open the shopper’s front-facing smartphone camera. 

Then, the app will use augmented reality technology to project the cosmetic onto the shopper so they can see exactly what it would look like on their face. For example, shoppers can use this feature to see what different shades of lipstick would look like on their lips.

This feature allows online shoppers to virtually try on thousands of different cosmetic products without ever stepping foot in a Sephora store.

Augmented Reality Shopping


Like Sephora, L’Oreal uses augmented reality to provide a virtual cosmetic try-on experience for consumers. But in addition to cosmetics, L’Oreal also allows consumers to virtually try on different shades of hair coloring from its Garnier brand. However, shoppers cannot use this feature online. They can only use this feature if they are in a store that sells Garnier hair coloring products.

To use this feature, shoppers need to download the Google Lens augmented reality app. Then, shoppers can point their smartphone camera at a box of Garnier hair coloring. The app will scan the product and automatically generate a three-dimensional, realistic model of the hair color. The shopper can then use their smartphone’s front-facing camera to see how they would look with the selected hair color.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is another retailer that has used augmented reality technology to make online shopping more convenient for consumers. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Warby Parker glasses, download the brand’s app to browse their inventory. If you find a pair you like, you can use the in-app augmented reality tool to see what the glasses would look like on your face.

You can virtually try on as many pairs of glasses on the Warby Parker app as you would like. The app even allows you to snap a photo of yourself virtually wearing the glasses so you can share it with your friends and family. This way, you can ask for their opinion before deciding which pair of glasses you should purchase.

Augmented Reality Shopping


In 2020, Nike added a new augmented reality feature to its app called “Nike Fit.” This in-app feature is used to help shoppers figure out what size shoe they should purchase.

To use this feature, simply launch the Nike app and point your smartphone camera at your feet. The app will activate the Nike Fit feature, which uses augmented reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies to measure the size of your feet. The app is capable of measuring each foot within 2 mm of accuracy.

After the app has scanned your feet, it will tell you what size shoe is right for you. This recommendation may vary depending on the shoe you are interested in purchasing. For example, if a specific style runs smaller than others, the app may recommend a slightly larger size. 

Home Depot

Home Depot launched an in-app augmented reality feature in late 2019. This feature gives online shoppers the chance to see how a specific item would look in their home. 

To use this feature, download the Home Depot app and start shopping for the items you need. If you find an appliance, home decor item, or piece of furniture you like, click on the product details page to see more. Then, tap on “See it in your home with 3D augmented reality.” 

This will pull up the app’s augmented reality tool, which will project a three-dimensional, true-to-scale digital model of the selected item onto your real world environment. You can use this feature to see how various items, including refrigerators, chandeliers, desks, rugs, and more would look in your home.

Diamond Hedge

The Diamond Hedge augmented reality app helps shoppers find the perfect diamond engagement ring without ever stepping foot inside a jewelry store. All you need to do is open the Diamond Hedge app and point your smartphone’s camera at your hand. Then, select the diamond and setting you would like to virtually try on. The app will then automatically project a model of your selections onto your ring finger.

Once your virtual ring is on your finger, you can use your other hand to adjust the size and shape of the diamond. For example, tap on “carat” to adjust the size of the diamond in the virtual ring. If you find a ring you like, snap a photo and share it with your loved ones via the app.

Sherwin Williams

The Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer app is designed with an augmented reality feature called “Instant Paint.” You can use this feature to see what any shade of Sherwin Williams paint would look like on the walls in your home.

All you need to do is either upload a photo of your home or point your smartphone’s camera at your walls. Then, select a shade of Sherwin Williams paint and tap on the wall you would like to virtually paint. The app will immediately apply the selected paint color onto your walls. If you like the way it looks, snap a photo so you can share it with your loved ones. You can also choose to save the paint color so you don’t forget which shade you fell in love with once you get to the store.

Augmented Reality Shopping


If you’re thinking about buying a new car, you may want to download the RelayCars virtual showroom app. This app allows you to explore thousands of different vehicles using just your smartphone, tablet, or computer

Inside the virtual showroom, you can walk around the outside of a vehicle, sit in the driver’s seat and examine the interior, and see what the vehicle would look like in different colors. Basically, the RelayCars app provides an authentic dealership showroom experience at your fingertips, so you can skip the trip to the dealership.

Use the innovative RelayCars app to learn about different vehicles, compare your options, and make a purchase decision. You won’t need to go to a dealership until you are ready to make a purchase, which drastically simplifies and shortens the entire car buying process.

These are some of the many augmented reality shopping apps that are available for download on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Thanks to augmented reality technology, consumers can use these apps to shop online with confidence.