What is the Best Car Color Change App?

You will need to make a lot of decisions during the process of buying a car. You will need to choose a body style, make, model, transmission, drivetrain, and trim level, for starters. Another thing you will need to decide on is the color of the vehicle.

Most makes and models come in a wide range of colors, but you may not be able to see every color option in person before deciding which vehicle to purchase. How can you make an informed decision regarding the color of your vehicle? Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

A color change app allows you to preview what different paint colors would look like on the exterior of a specific vehicle. How do these apps work? Which color change app should you download on your smartphone or tablet? Here’s what you need to know:

Car Color Change App

How Do Car Color Change Apps Work?

Every car customization app is unique, so the way these apps work can vary. But in general, here’s what you will need to do to use a car color change app:

  1. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app of your choice on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Browse through the app’s library to select a vehicle. The vehicles that are available in the library will vary depending on the app.
  3. Choose a paint color. Once you select a vehicle, you should be given the option of applying a new paint color to the car. Review your options and tap or click on the paint color of your choice.
  4. Preview the paint color. Tap or click to apply the paint color to the selected vehicle. These apps use various technologies, including 3D technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality, to make the experience as realistic as possible. As a result, the image you see should be an accurate representation of how the vehicle will look with the selected paint color in real life.

That’s all it takes to give your virtual vehicle a custom paint job.

Why Should You Use A Car Color Change App?

Having a car color change app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet can come in handy in many different situations, including:

  • You’re preparing to buy a new vehicle. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, use a color change app to view your color options before making a purchase decision. Using a color change app in this manner may save you a trip to the dealership and simplify the car buying process. 
  • You’re getting a new paint job. These apps are also useful if you’re thinking about getting a new paint job for your current car. Use a color change app to explore your options and figure out which color you want to paint your vehicle. Doing this ensures you choose a color you are happy with so you don’t regret your decision.
  • You want to have fun. Even if you aren’t buying a new car or making changes to your current car, you can still benefit from downloading a color change app. Car lovers will enjoy using these apps to see different vehicles in a wide range of colors. 
Car Color Change App

Top Car Color Change Apps Available for Download 

There are a number of different car color change apps available for Android and iOS devices, but some are better than others. Here are the best car color change apps:

  • RelayCars
  • Car Color Changer
  • Color Splash
  • Carwrapper
  • Automotive Manufacturer Websites


RelayCars is the best car color change app for Android and iOS devices. Download the RelayCars app on your smartphone or tablet to get access to an extensive library of over one thousand vehicles. You can choose from a wide range of sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks, sports cars, and other passenger vehicles. 

After you select a vehicle, paint color options will appear. You will only see paint colors that are available for the vehicle you selected. For example, if a manufacturer only makes a specific model in gray, white, black, and red, you will only be able to see the vehicle in these four colors. 

The colors you see in the RelayCars app are accurate representations of how the colors appear in real life. You can preview as many colors on as many vehicles as you would like.

This app is powered by innovative technologies that bring the vehicles to life. In fact, you may even feel like you’re looking at the car inside a dealer’s showroom rather than through your computer, smartphone, or tablet screen. 

Car Color Changer

The Car Color Changer app is another option. This app allows you to preview paint colors on different body styles. However, it does not allow you to preview paint colors on a specific make and model. You can only choose between a generic full-size car, sedan, or hatchback

Once you choose a body style, you can select from a wide range of different paint colors. You can see what the vehicle would look like painted in one color or play around with bold, multi-colored designs. This app also gives you the option of changing the color of the car’s rims. You are in creative control when using the Car Color Changer app.

Unfortunately, the Car Color Changer app is only available for Android devices. 

Car Color Change App

Color Splash

Unlike the other options on this list, the Color Splash app was not designed specifically for automotive consumers. Color Splash is a photo editing app that allows users to add color effects to any photo they take or upload. If you want to use this to change the color of a vehicle, simply upload or take a picture of the car.

The Color Splash app is fairly simple to use. Once you take or upload a photo, all you need to do is select a color from the menu at the bottom of your screen. Then, use your finger or mouse to apply the paint color to the photo of your vehicle. You will need to color in every part of the vehicle in order to see what it would look like in the selected paint color.


Some people choose to get a car wrap rather than a paint job. A car wrap is a vinyl film that is applied to the exterior of a car. Some car wraps are solid colored, whereas others feature fun and funky designs. If you’re thinking about getting a car wrap, download the Carwrapper app to preview your options first.

You can preview wraps in various colors, materials, and finishes. You can also select the specific make and model you want to wrap, which makes it easier to visualize exactly what your vehicle will look like with your selections. 

Automotive Manufacturer Websites

Most automotive manufacturers have color change tools available on their websites. To use these tools, simply visit a manufacturer’s website, select a model, and click on the paint color you want to preview.

There is one downside to this option, though. If you use the color change app on the Toyota website, you will only be able to preview different paint colors on Toyota vehicles. If you want to explore paint options for a Honda, you will need to open a new window to visit the Honda website. Each manufacturer has a different tool, so it may take time for you to figure out how to use each one as you travel from website to website.