These are the Best Electric Vehicles by Price, Range and Features

Electric vehicles are beginning to take over the market, and, as the price of gasoline surges, more buyers might be gravitating towards a vehicle that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. Since electric vehicles don’t rely on gasoline, they don’t release harmful emissions into the environment; for some buyers, an electric vehicle is the best for living a greener life.

For buyers considering a new electric vehicle, what are the best options on the market? There are many electric models, and the best electric vehicles might:

  • Be budget-friendly
  • Offer a longer range
  • Include unique features like autonomous driving modes
  • Offer a luxury experience

Every buyer has different specifications in mind when shopping for a new vehicle. Here are the best electric vehicles by price, range and the most luxurious models, too. There’s an electric model that can fit almost any buyer’s needs; in some areas, the pre-owned market for models also might offer lower-budget options.

The Best Electric Vehicles by Price

Many buyers are shopping for a new vehicle on a budget. While electric vehicles come in all different price ranges, these models are more expensive than many standard vehicles. When a few smaller standard models can be purchased new for around $15,000, the lowest priced electric automobile is still nearly $30,000.

Here are five electric models available for less than $40,000:

Nissan Leaf ($27,400)

The Nissan Leaf is the least expensive electric model on the market and offers an estimated range of 226 miles. Drivers also can take control of their Leaf via their smartphone; an app via the phone can unlock the vehicle and start it, too. The Leaf also comes with many driver assist features for added safety.

Mini Cooper SE ($29,900)

The Mini Cooper SE is the second least expensive option available. However, it offers an estimated range of 114 miles. While it could be fine for commuters, the vehicle might need to be charged more frequently. The Mini comes equipped with many standard safety features to aid drivers.

Chevrolet Bolt ($31,500)

The Chevrolet Bolt is priced economically for an electric automobile. The Bolt offers an estimated range of 259 miles. The range is about average for the electric market, and, for those who have a round-trip commute of less than 50 miles per week, the Bolt should offer enough battery life for the five-day commute. For those opting for a new 2022 Bolt, Chevrolet also advertises that it covers the cost of a Level 2 home charging station, too.

Mazda MX-30 ($33,470)

The Mazda MX-30 is the manufacturer’s first electric vehicle. While the price is reasonable and one of the least expensive options for the electric market, the MX-30 only offers an estimated range of 100 miles. This could be an issue for those who are choosing an electric vehicle for a commute, as they might need to charge the battery more often. However, for buyers who only will use the vehicle for city driving or for short trips, the shorter range might not be an issue. Like many other modern vehicles, drivers can use an app to unlock the vehicle, etc. in addition, the MX-30 also offers a range of driving assist features.

Kia Niro ($39,990)

The Niro is priced just under $40K and offers an estimated range of 239 miles. It also offers heated seats as a standard feature and offers an app to let drivers control the vehicle remotely, too. The Niro also provides many driver assist features for enhanced safety.

Best Electric Vehicles

The Best Electric Vehicles by Range

Some electric car buyers aren’t concerned about the price, but they want the model that will offer the longest range. The range of an electric vehicle is how far the vehicle can drive on one full charge. For drivers who face long commutes, a longer range assures them that they can drive longer distances on a charged battery.

Vehicles with shorter ranges may require commuters to plug in their vehicle more frequently, or they might have to locate a public charging station for a quick charge. 

Here are the longest range electric vehicles on the market:

Lucid Air Dream ($169,000)

The Lucid Air Dream offers the longest range on the market, and can drive an estimated 520 miles on one charge. Lucid Motors manufactures luxury electric vehicles, and the Air Dream provides many high-end standard features like wood interior accents (harvested sustainably) and luxury upholstery like leather, Alcantara, and more.  

Tesla Model S ($94,990)

Tesla Model S offers an estimated range of 405 miles. It seats up to five, and, like the Lucid Air, the model is considered a luxury option. Tesla offers many driver assist features, and models include the option of an autonomous mode.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range ($50,990)

Tesla doesn’t just offer expensive luxury models, it also offers a few midrange models, too. The Model 3 Long Ranges offers an estimated range of 358 miles. It also seats up to five and is priced fairly moderately.

Mercedes-Benz EQS ($102,310)

The EQS debuted at the end of 2021 and offers an estimated range of 350 miles. It features the MBUX Multimedia System and integrates augmented reality technology into the navigation, automatic doors, heated seats, and more.

Tesla Model X ($104,990)

Another Tesla makes the list of the longest-range models. The Model X Plaid can drive an estimated 333 miles on a full charge, but the standard Model X can drive an estimated 348 miles..

BMW iX ($83,200)

The BMW iX offers an estimated range of 324 miles. The vehicle includes a built-in personal assistant, high-end upholstery options, a moonroof that offers a shading effect and all-around cameras plus many other advanced safety features.

Best Electric Vehicles

Electric Goes Luxe

Buyers also could opt for the most elegant and high-end models on the market. These luxury models also are among those with the longest ranges. Buyers who have the budget for the electric model of their dreams can enjoy autonomous driving modes, luxury interior and many other advanced features to elevate their ride.

Currently, one of the most expensive electric vehicles on the market is the Porsche Taycan Turbo which has a base price of $185,000.The Taycan offers an estimated range of 201 miles.

The most luxurious electric model, though, might still be in development. Lamborghini has announced its Terzo Millennio electric sports car, but the model is still noted as a ‘concept car.’

Best Electric Vehicles

Pre-Owned Electric Models

Buyers on tight budgets also can shop for used or pre-owned electric options. However, the selection for these models might be more limited in areas of the country where electric models are not as popular.

In states like California, though, where electric is embraced, the used market could offer many affordable options. When shopping for used or pre-owned electric models, buyers should be cognizant of the model’s battery life.

Replacing a battery pack for an electric vehicle is an expensive repair. Many manufacturers provide warranties for their batteries, but the warranty varies per manufacturer. Buyers who are interested in purchasing a pre-owned electric vehicle should research the longevity of the battery of that vehicle.

If the vehicle is five years old and the battery is only expected to last for seven years, buyers will need to consider the possibility of a future repair. They also could look at other models.

The range for older vehicles also might not be as impressive as modern options. For buyers who don’t drive long commutes, though, a shorter range might not be an issue.

What are the Best Electric Vehicles?

Buyers searching for the best electric vehicles might have their own criteria for what defines the best option. Some buyers want the least expensive electric model, but other buyers prefer the models that offer the longest range.

Many luxury manufacturers offer electric models. For buyers with a seemingly bottomless budget, these models could combine a decent range with many high-end features. For luxury electric vehicles, the base price could hover close to six figures.

Some buyers might not know what vehicle is their best choice. Buyers can use RelayCars to research different electric models. Download the RelayCars app to explore vehicles in virtual reality using Google Cardboard or to explore vehicles via 3D models.

The RelayCars website also provides users with an augmented reality experience. Users can drop vehicles in their environment using their smartphone or a tablet. See any vehicle in the driveway or in the garage.

RelayCars also provides specs and other data for all vehicles in its online inventory. Buyers can use the RelayCars app or website to research prices of their favorite models or to learn more about the vehicle’s features. RelayCars also lets buyers preview vehicles in different paint colors.

Looking for a new vehicle can be a process. When shopping for electric vehicles, buyers might zero in on the models that fit their price range or they also might research the estimated range for each model. While standard cars offer data related to fuel efficiency (as measured in miles per gallon), buyers focus on how far they can drive on one full charge to determine the best electric vehicle for their driving needs.

No matter what electric vehicle that a buyer chooses, opting for electric is a cleaner choice for the environment and can help car owners save money each month on energy costs related to their daily driving habits.