Cab of a Truck: What Buyers Should Know about Crew Cab vs. Extended Cab Options

Pickup truck models are the three most popular vehicles in the country. The Ford F-Series has reigned supreme as the top vehicle for the past four decades. Through the years, pickup trucks have evolved to include more room for passengers.

The cab of a truck once only held one passenger and the driver. Now buyers can choose between many sizes for a cab or a truck. What are the cab sizes and what is the difference between the crew cab vs. extended cab? Cab sizes for pickup trucks include:

  • Crew Cab
  • Double cab
  • King Cab
  • Supercrew
  • Supercab
  • Extended Cab

Crew Cab vs. Double Cab

Buyers might notice two terms for cab options: crew cab and double cab. Are these cabs the same size?

The crew cab of a pickup truck can fit the ‘crew.’ It has two seats in the front and a standard full-seat in the back. J.D. Power explains that this cab option was introduced in the late 1950s but rose to popularity in the 1990s. This cab option offers four doors for easy passenger access.

The double cab is smaller than the crew cab. The double cab offers a back seat for passengers, but some cabs feature smaller doors to access the backseat. The seating area in the back also is a bit tighter.

Those who want a spacious option for children or extra passengers might choose the crew cab. However, a double cab could be fine for smaller children or just as an extra space for friends. Both cab sizes can fit up to six people.

King Cab vs. Crew Cab

The King Cab is a cab option that is available for the Nissan Titan and Nissan Frontier. The King Cab on Nissan trucks offers four doors and a back seat space. However, the doors to the backseat only open from the inside.

The King Cab is relatively similar to the double cab. In comparison to a crew cab, the King Cab offers less space in the back and smaller doors.

Supercab vs. Supercrew

The SuperCab is a Ford cab option. Like the double cab and the King Cab (for Nissan), this cab option offers a tighter backseat and smaller doors that open backwards. The SuperCab has space for six.

The SuperCrew is Ford’s crew cab option. It features four-doors and seats up to six. The back seat is more spacious than the SuperCab.

Supercab vs. Crew Cab

Ford’s SuperCab is designed similarly to a double cab. Thus, it differs from the crew cab, because it offers less space in the back seat and has smaller doors to access that space. However, both a crew cab and the SuperCab have space for up to six passengers.

Difference Between Crew Cab and Extended Cab

Difference Between Crew Cab and Extended Cab

An extended cab is a reference to a cab that is larger than the standard cab. Extended cabs offer a second row of seats for passengers. Extended cabs might offer smaller doors, but they also might not offer extra doors.

Extended cabs are not as big as crew cabs. Chevrolet offers an Extended Cab for its Colorado model; this cab can include a bench back seat or jump seats.

Double Cab vs. Crew Cab

Ford offers the SuperCab, Nissan offers the King Cab and Chevrolet offers the Double Cab. They are all designed similarly and are smaller than the crew cab. The difference between Chevrolet’s Double Cab option and a Crew Cab relates, once again, to the door design to the backseat and the space in the back, too.

However, Sweeney Chevrolet explains that Chevrolet’s Double Cab is a bit bigger than the extended cab. There is more room in the back of the Chevrolet Double Cab option, but it’s not as spacious as a crew cab.

Extended Cab vs. Crew Cab: Is One Better?

The extended cab is a smaller option than the crew cab, but both cabs have their advantages. For example, larger families might need the space of the crew cab backseat.

Some truck owners might just like the extra space that the extended cab provides for gear or just as an option for extra passengers. Since the extended cab is smaller, it’s also more affordable.

Crew Cab vs. Extended Cab

Supercrew vs Supercab: Which Cab is the Most Affordable?

SuperCrew and SuperCab are associated with Ford trucks. The following models offer SuperCrew cabs:

  • Ford F-150
  • Ford Lightning
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Maverick

The SuperCab is associated with the F-150. However, buyers might not be able to locate a new F-150; the demand for these models is high.

Crew Cab vs. Extended Cab

Truck Cab Sizes Depend on the Brand

Truck cab sizes are brand-based. This means that certain cab names are only associated with specific brands. For example, Nissan offers the King Cab, Ford’s cab choices are SuperCab and SuperCrew. Chevrolet offers extended cabs and double cabs.

Typically, the crew options for brands are very similar in that they offer the most space in the backseat. However, buyers might have to size up the different smaller cabs to find their best option. In addition, some cab sizes also can include different bed sizes.

What is a Crew Cab?

A crew cab pickup is one of the most spacious options on the market. For those who want the most room for back seat passengers, the crew cab is the best choice. These cabs offer space for three in the backseat; the passenger space is accessible via full-sized doors. In addition, the leg room and head room is comfortable and more spacious than smaller cab sizes.

Super Cab vs. Crew Cab

Ford’s SuperCab or SuperCab is smaller than its SuperCrew cab, and the SuperCab also will be smaller than the standard crew cab offered by other brands. Buyers should remember that the crew cab can fit the entire crew comfortably. This is the most spacious cab size for families or those who want the most space for extra passengers.

However, crew cabs will be more expensive than a SuperCab, Double Cab, extended cab or King Cab. The price of a Crew Cab pickup is in the mid-$30K range. Smaller cabs will be slightly more affordable.

The popularity of pickup truck models, though, might make them hard to find in some areas. Ford currently has stopped taking orders for several pickup models, including its new electric F-150 Lightning. Used trucks also might be more expensive, as the price of new cars have risen because of the low supply and high demand.

Cab of a Truck: All the Options

Buyers might be overwhelmed with all the options for pickup truck cab sizes. The cab of a truck might be noted by different names. Ford has SuperCrew and SuperCab options. Nissan offers the King Cab. Chevrolet offers extended cabs and double cabs (crew cabs, too).

Buyers might research the different cabs from brands to decide their best cab size option. Buyers will find that larger cabs are associated with higher prices. However, the price of pickup trucks also depend on their size (the engine, too) and other factors. Cab options also might offer buyers the choice to extend the size of the truck bed.

Again, every brand has different design options for their truck models.

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