Good Cars for Tall People

Being tall has its advantages. However, a lengthy stature can also make for an uncomfortable riding experience, at least in some cars. The last thing you want, as a tall person, is a vehicle with inadequate leg room or a low roof. And, fortunately, there are plenty of cars that can keep you comfy. If you’re been searching for good cars for tall people without much luck, don’t worry. These suggestions are right up your alley.

Stretch Your Legs

Before you can find the best car for tall people, you have to know what makes a car tall-friendly. While the answer can vary from person to person, most tall people would agree that legroom is important. Anyone who has long legs knows how awful it feels to be squished into a small space. Thus, as you shop for your next vehicle, pay attention to legroom measurements. In particular, think about where you are most likely to spend your time and check those measurements specifically. Legroom can often vary significantly from the front seat to the back depending on the make and model of the car.

Skip the Sunroof

A car with a sunroof might sound great. After all, you can open up that sunroof and get a nice, fresh breath of air whenever you want. But, when you’re tall, the benefits may not be worth the drawbacks. A sunroof’s structure and mechanisms often take up quite a bit of space in a vehicle. And, while that might not matter to a shorter person or someone of average height, it can make all the difference to you. The room that a sunroof takes up could mean driving or riding hunched over, which is bad for your back. Of course, if you’re just dying to have a sunroof, you can look around for a vehicle that offers both space and sun. But, more often than not, taller folks will be better off if they skip the sunroof altogether.

Consider Steering Wheel Styles

Most people take for granted that their car’s steering wheel will hit where it should and be easy to reach and maneuver. For tall people, though, this isn’t always the case. For best results, look for a car that has a telescoping steering wheel. That way, you can easily move and position the steering wheel to a spot that’s both safe and comfortable for you.

Don’t Forget About the Doors

Tall people are often concerned with how much headroom and legroom a vehicle offers. While those things are definitely important, it’s not just the inside of the vehicle that counts. You also have to think about actually getting into the vehicle. Thus, be sure to check out the doors. Will you have to duck and maneuver into uncomfortable positions just to sit down? That can get old pretty fast. So, if you find a car with doors that don’t work well for you, you’ll probably want to consider other options.

Good Cars for Tall People

Look for Adjustable Seating

When you’re tall, adjustable seating is a must. While the perfect car for tall people would make all the seats adjustable, the driver’s seat matters most. If you can’t get comfortable while you’re driving, long trips are difficult. Plus, there’s a risk for strain and fatigue, which can be dangerous. 

As you shop for your dream car, ask which seats are adjustable and just how adjustable they are. Ideally, you want seats that can shift backward, forward, upward, and downward. You can ask for specific measurements. Or, even better yet, actually get in the car and adjust the seats yourself. That way, you’ll know for sure if they’re adjustable enough for you.

Worry About the Windshield

Unfortunately, most cars are designed with people of average height in mind. What some car manufacturers fail to understand is that windshields that work for a shorter person can be hazardous to taller drivers. Depending on the way the windshield sits and its design, you may find that you have obstructed vision, which is the absolute last thing you want when driving. And, just like with the seats, your best option is to actually sit in the car and see for yourself if the windshield works for you.

Some Advice

You don’t get to choose how tall you are. But, you do get to choose your car. As you can see, though, that’s not always easy for those of greater heights. While that can be frustrating, it’s important to be proactive about finding the best possible car. Considering all of the above factors can help. You should also ask about and review all specs and measurements carefully. Don’t just rely on photos or written descriptions as these can sometimes be misleading. Additionally, there is really no substitute for a test drive. It’s your chance to see, feel, and truly experience a car in action. Even if you plan to buy your vehicle online, it’s best to visit a dealership and try out the car in person.

A Few Possibilities

Now that you’re armed with some great general advice, it’s time to look at a few specific vehicles that are largely considered some of the best cars for tall people. Of course, your preferences may vary. It also matters exactly how tall you are. But, for many, the following options are, quite literally, a good fit.

Good Cars for Tall People

The 2022 GMC Canyon

This first one on the list doesn’t really count as a car, but it still deserves honorable mention. If you’re open to trucks and are on the taller side, the 2022 GMC Canyon could be just what you’ve been looking for. It boasts 41.4 inches of front headroom, so you won’t have to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling or hunching over. Plus, the seats are wide and comfortable. And, no matter what your height, you’re sure to appreciate the smooth handling this vehicle is known for.

The 2022 Genesis G90

If a truck just won’t do the trick, that’s okay. As promised, there are plenty of small cars for tall people. This includes the 2022 Genesis G90, a surprisingly roomy sedan. With a starting price of only $74,000, it will allow you to stretch your legs without stretching your wallet. It’s also packed with plenty of standard features for increased comfort and safety. The only downside is that some people feel the design isn’t “cool” or sporty enough, but that all comes down to personal taste.

The 2022 Tesla Model X

Another one of the top cars for tall people is the 2022 Tesla Model X. It has an impressive 41.1 inches of front legroom. Unfortunately, though, it’s priced on the higher side. Buyers can expect to spend close to $115,000. If that price doesn’t make you balk, you’ll find a speedy electric SUV that has plenty of room for you and four more of your tallest friends.

The 2022 Kia K5

If style matters to you, then you’ll probably think the 2022 Kia K5 is the absolute best car for tall people. It’s sleek, cool, and will make you feel like a star. You can also choose from five different trim levels, though all of them include a roomy, comfortable interior suitable for taller folks.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is another stylish addition to this list. You can stretch your legs and sit up straight with 41.3 inches of front legroom and 41.7 inches of front headroom. The only space it runs short on is storage space. But, if you don’t cart around a lot of cargo, you’ll love the powerful engine options and cool tech features, which include several driver assistance systems and the ability to connect your smartphone.

Good Cars for Tall People

The 2022 Hyundai Sonata

If you like having choices, you’ll appreciate the 2022 Hyundai Sonata, which comes in 9 different trim levels. Each option has impressive tech and safety features. Even better, the more basic models are very reasonably priced. Just be aware that while the front seat is tall-people-friendly, some find the back seat to be a bit on the cramped side.

The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder

Rounding out the list is the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder, a large and in-charge SUV with 44.3 inches of front legroom. The second row of seating is also quite spacious, and up to eight people can travel comfortably. Furthermore, if you’re budget-conscious, you’ll appreciate the reasonable $34,640 starting price, as well as the surprisingly good fuel economy.  

Take Your Pick

Tall people may have a harder time shopping for cars. But, thankfully, there’s no shortage of great vehicles available, and this list proves it. Hopefully, one of these cars will be the perfect choice for you. If so, why not go ahead and take your pick? If not, this advice should still come in handy as you continue your search.