By Auto Success Staff Writers – 03/08/19

RelayCars, the virtual reality automotive experience that puts consumers in the driver’s seat of thousands of vehicles, has announced the expansion of their VR suite of applications with the launch of the new RelayCars, now in room-scale. Room-scale allows users to move freely and naturally around the virtual showroom while customizing car options and researching their next car.

Furthering the future of vehicle research and shopping, this technology gives consumers a more efficient way to shop for cars that may not physically be on the dealer lot or even browse from the comfort of their homes. Dealers will now have the ability to instantaneously showcase a wider range of vehicles and help consumers to make informed purchasing decisions through the realistic environment. RelayCars in room-scale is available via digital distribution platform, Steam.

While wearing a headset, car shoppers and dealers are able to select vehicles from the expanding model selection and place them in one of three designated spaces on the showroom floor. Users can interact with the environment and the showcased vehicle models to view them from any angle, change the vehicle color, enter the interior, step back to check out the vehicle in full, or walk right up to the vehicle for a more in depth look at the design and detail.

“This is the first time we are offering our users the opportunity to walk around their customized virtual showroom to observe, compare and interact with the vehicles on another level,” Gina Callari, RelayCars COO, said. “The technologies enabling virtual reality are evolving at such a pace that being able to provide more interactive and realistic experiences for our customers is of the utmost importance to us at RelayCars.”

RelayCars in room-scale is available on Steam-supported VR headsets including Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Link: RelayCars