A Shopper’s Guide to Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality can transform our lives and simplify our daily habits.

Through AR, customers increase their confidence in their product selection through:

  • Richer product information or interaction
  • The ability to personalize or configure unique product designs
  • The deeper emotional connection from immersive brand storytelling.

Here are some industries that are leading the charge in using AR to transform the shopping experience:

  • Home Goods & Furniture: Customers can reliably visualize furniture in their room and change color, size and fit within a given space.
  • Beauty and Makeup: Virtual makeup try-on is getting customers to imagine a new look or color on themselves
  • Automotive: Automotive retailers have a standard set of models, but the opportunity to customize and configure the models for each customer is vast. AR helps automotive customers configure and better understand each vehicle’s parts and features.
  • Shoes: Shoe companies are primarily using augmented shopping for personalization and virtual try-on.
  • Clothing: Different retailers have used AR for “virtual try-on”. Zara has an in-store augmented experience.

Gap allows customers to select a body type to “try on” clothing.

Tilly’s created an augmented experience in their store window.

The future of shopping begins now!