What are the Best Luxury Cars for Tall People?

Car shoppers who purchase luxury cars are willing to pay a higher price for high-end features and the vehicle that they want. Some car shoppers also could move to higher-priced luxury vehicles if they feel that they offer a more comfortable drive and more space.

The headroom and legroom of a vehicle can impact the choice of vehicle for drivers who are taller than average. These drivers might need extra space to extend their legs or more headroom if they have a longer torso. What are the best luxury cars for tall people? The best luxury options for taller drivers include:

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Mercedes-Benz S Class
  • BMW X5 (Sport Activity Vehicle)
  • Lexus LX
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Audi A8
  • Lincoln Navigator

SUVs or SAVs Might be the Roomiest

Buyers who are reviewing the list might notice one common theme. Many of the recommended models are SUVs or SAVs (sports activity vehicles). This body type isn’t just heavier, but larger SUVs also provide more space for those in the front seat and in second or third row seats, too.

Larger luxury SUVs are more expensive than smaller options. However, drivers who need the extra space and have the money to spend might not think twice about the splurge. Here’s what to know about each model, including the starting price, fuel efficiency specs, safety ratings, and, of course, the space specs for the front seat.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade has a starting MSRP of $77,795. It offers three-rows of space and has space for up to seven. It offers 42.3 inches of headroom and 44.5 inches of legroom in the front seat. The Escalade can drive up to 21 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway.

Mercedes-Benz S Class

The Mercedes-Benz S Class starts at $112,650. It offers a bit more fuel efficiency than the large Escalade; the S Class can get up to 21 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway. It offers 39.3 inches of headroom and 41 inches of legroom in the front seat.  

BMW X5 (Sport Activity Vehicle)

The BMW X5 is one of the more budget-friendly SUV/SAV models on the list; the X5 starts at $60,600. It offers average fuel efficiency for a larger SUV; it can get 21 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway. It offers 40.8 inches of headroom and 39.8 inches of legroom for those in the front seat. The 2022 X5 received a Top Safety Pick award/rating (with specific headlights) from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES has a starting MSRP of $40,950; it has two rows of seating and space for five. The LX offers the best fuel efficiency on the list; it can get 43MPG in the city and 44 MPG on the highway. It has 37.5 to 37.8 inches of headroom and 42.4 inches of legroom in the front seat.

Tesla Model Y

Looking for a spacious electric model? The Tesla Model Y is roomy and not one of the more budget-friendly luxe vehicles on the list. The Model Y starts at $62,990. The Model Y Performance offers an estimated range of 303 miles, while the Model Y Long Range offers an estimated range of 330 miles. The front seat of the Model Y provides 41 inches of headroom and 41.8 inches of legroom. The Tesla Model Y received a Top Safety Pick+ award/rating from the IIHS; this is the highest rating available.

Audi A8

The Audi A8 is a larger sedan that starts at $86,500. It offers 38.3 inches of headroom and 41.5 inches of legroom in the front seat. The fuel efficiency of the A8 is decent on the highway—it gets up to 28 MPG. In the city, though, the A8 only gets 19 MPG.

Lincoln Navigator

Like the Cadillac Escalade, the Lincoln Navigator is a larger SUV with three rows that can fit up to seven to eight passengers. The Navigator has a starting MSRP of $77,635. Like many large SUVs, the Navigator’s fuel efficiency isn’t stellar—it gets 17 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the highway. The Navigator offers a decent amount of space for taller drivers, though; it provides 41.8 inches of headroom and 43.9 inches of legroom in the front row.

Best Luxury Cars for Tall People

Other Models Worth Considering

The list of models might not be the best choices for all tall drivers. Every driver has their own preference for what is the best vehicle for their needs and their personal comfort.

Tesla’s Model X could be a better choice for drivers who need more headroom. The Model X offers 41.7 inches of headroom and 41.1 inches of legroom. While it offers slightly more headroom than the Model Y, the Model Y beats out the X in legroom. For drivers with a longer torso, the X could still be the better option. The Model X has a starting price of $114,900.

MotorBiscuit named the Genesis G90 as its top luxury pick for tall drivers. The G90 starts at $74,950. It offers 41.3 inches of headroom and 46.3 inches of legroom in the front seat. The G90 offers more space for tall drivers to stretch their legs than the Escalade, but it doesn’t offer quite as much headroom as the Cadillac.

Best Luxury Cars for Tall People

Take a Test Drive

One spacious option on the list—the Lincoln Navigator—was actually noted to not be a great choice for tall people according to Consumer Reports. For many drivers, deciding the best car might not be related to looking only at stats and dimensions. A test drive might be the best way for drivers to discern their best and most comfortable vehicle.

For car buyers looking at the best luxury models, the best sports cars or even the best hybrid or electric models, choose a few favorite models and visit the dealerships to schedule a test drive. Are the seats easy to position and adjust? Is the view obstructed in any way? Is the drive comfortable?

Drivers might have their own opinion about whether or not a model is ideal for them. Some individuals who are very tall might need to focus on both the headroom and legroom; they also might need to adjust the seat to create the most comfortable position while driving.

For some models, adjusting the seat back toward the second row could impact the space of passengers. If the car buyer has a family and the back seat is going to be used frequently for passengers, think about the front seat’s impact on that area if the seat needs to be reclined or adjusted.

While luxury buyers might not be as focused on the budget as those who have less to spend, the budget still might have a limit. Shop for the models that don’t exceed the financial comfort zone.

What is the Worst Luxury Car for Tall Drivers?

The choice of a new car is such a personal buying decision. The worst car for tall drivers is any car that doesn’t fit their driving needs or comfortably accommodate their height. While drivers might assume that small cars might be an impossible fit or even the worst option, this assumption isn’t necessarily accurate.

Some smaller vehicles might offer more legroom or headroom that shoppers might realize. Don’t be fooled by a small car’s design. The interior could be spacious and might be a comfortable fit. Research the specs, and car buyers also can visit the dealership and sit in the car to feel it out.

How to Research Car Options from Home

Buyers now spend more than seven hours researching and shopping for a car online. There are numerous tools that buyers can use from home to explore the models they are interested in purchasing. Download the RelayCars app or visit the RelayCars mobile site to explore thousands of makes/models using 3D interactive imagery, augmented reality or virtual reality (with Google Cardboard).

The RelayCars app is free to download from Google Play or the App Store. Car shoppers can explore cars using interactive 3D car models that allow them to use their fingertips to turn the car or explore its interior. The virtual reality experience is available to consumers who have access to a Google Cardboard headset.

Those with access to a smartphone or tablet can visit the RelayCars website to engage with the same 3D imagery that is available via the app. The mobile website also offers an augmented reality experience that lets car shoppers use the camera on their device to capture their environment and preview a chosen vehicle in that environment. RelayCars shows a 3D model of any car in augmented reality—view the car in the garage or the driveway.

Both the RelayCars website and the app provide data and specs related to every model in its inventory. Research the MSRP and compare measurements of different SUVs. Car shoppers can even choose to preview vehicles in different paint hues to find their favorite paint color for their dream car.

Use RelayCars to understand all the choices and simulate the dealership experience from home. Then visit the dealership to take a test drive and find the best vehicle and the most comfortable ride.