Press Release – JMPR

RelayCars, the virtual reality automotive experience that puts consumers in the driver’s seat of thousands of vehicles, today announced the launch of RelayCars Augmented Reality Preview (RelayCars AR Preview), an application that allows car shoppers to experience product accurate vehicle models in full, world scale space through augmented reality technology. The application will be available for free this week on iOS and Android.

“We are excited to delve further into the XR space with RelayCars AR Preview and offer car shoppers more customized experiences as the technologies become available to us,” said David Falstrup, RelayCars CEO. “We know that this is the direction the industry is going and we hope to be able to create more emotional experiences for car buyers by allowing them to experience their potential vehicles in new dimensions and in their day-to-day lives.”

Users are able to select, change and view a selection of vehicles in an assortment of colors from the RelayCars library of OEM product correct paint colors and place the AR vehicle in real life settings, from a garage to a driveway, or even a dealership. Using a single finger, users can slide the vehicle to the position of their choice. Users can also pinch to scale up to full size and see design highlights, wheels, brakes, tires and lighting, or simply pinch down to a table-top size. Using a thumb and forefinger, vehicles can rotate a complete 360º and users are able to view the car from any angle or distance desired.

Both consumers and dealers are able to view the RelayCars library of AR vehicles side by side real vehicles allowing users to compare and contrast car details and step inside to view the interior for an even more personalized and immersive car buying experience.

The company also offers the RelayCars suite of applications which is available to download for free on iOS, Android, Oculus Go, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft VR and Magic Leap. Dealers interested in working with RelayCars Pro may apply to try the VR sales platform for free by registering here.